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Name Punch Hero Punch Hero is the most famous version in the Punch Hero series of publisher GAMEVIL
Publisher GAMEVIL
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Version 1.3.8
MOD Version 1.3.8
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Punch Hero (MOD, Unlimited Money) is a fighting game released by Gamevil, free for Android and iOS.

It can be said that this is one of the most fun and addictive boxing games I have ever played.

This game is inspired by Punch-Out!!!

This is a classic boxing game series and the last arcade game series Nintendo ever developed around the 80s.

Huge punches, screams of boxers, the heat of thousands of spectators, broken bones, and many others are many things that you can find in this game.

Download Punch Hero MOD APK Latest Version and Unlimited Money Free for Android.

Wait a minute? Hmmm, if you are an older gamer who used to be a teenager with the Nintendo gaming system in the 80s, then you probably know Punch Out, the boxing game that was popular at the time.

That’s right! Punch Hero which we will review and share here is a game that provides a different version of the mobile version, not much change from its predecessor 30 years ago, except for beautiful 3D graphics accompanied by a new look and exciting gameplay.

Punch Hero is a fighting game by developer or Gamevil publisher, it’s available free for Android and iOS. It can be said that this is one of the most fun and addicting boxing games We have ever played.

This game is inspired by Punch Out, which is the classic boxing game series and the last arcade game series Nintendo developed around the 80s.

Strong punches, boxer screams, the heat of thousands of spectators, broken bones and more are the things you can find in this game.

Let’s have a look at the reviews in more detail before you download the game at the end of our post below!

Punch Hero MOD APK Latest Version Unlimited Money Free Download

Gambar Gameplay Download Punch Hero MOD APK Versi Terbaru Unlimited Money Gratis Untuk Android
Gambar Gameplay Download Punch Hero MOD APK Versi Terbaru Unlimited Money Gratis Untuk Android

Not an HD Game

Right! At first glance, I personally don’t think Punch Hero’s graphics are that impressive.

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Despite the 3D graphics, the game looks somewhat old and not as HD or sharp as current games.

But the game is really fun and addicting.

Boxers vary in style and make us feel funny.

Many unique effects indicate poor graphics when you attack or immobilize an opponent, such as a bleeding or bruised face.

The sound of the game is also quite simple with the sound of punches, screams of the audience and some music at the end of the game.

Make Your Boxer

After entering the game and naming stage, you can create a character and choose any style you want.

The great boxer with the Santa Claus beard? A handsome man with good hair? Or even, you can create special characters like pirates, robots, superheroes, and more!

Gold or gold is the main currency in the Punch Hero game.

They help you buy items in the store or increase your stats.

This gold can be obtained by competing or by buying gold packs for real money.

If you are a shoping lover in the game but don’t have a lot of gold, Our version of Punch Hero MOD is here to help you.

This version allows you to shopping or shop for whatever you want with the unlimited money the game provides you with.

Please note that you must reach the required level to purchase items in the game.


Regarding gameplay, you need to know, your mission in arcade mode is to control your character to beat 18 other boxers.

After defeating a man, you can move on to the next challenge.

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Your opponents are very attractive, they can be a boxer, pirate, robot or even a soul.

No matter who your opponent is, he must have weaknesses!

You need to find the strengths and weaknesses of each opponent and take them down.

We are satisfied with the controller game Punch Hero. It’s very easy to play but hard to win, that’s what We can say about the game.

Swipe left to make hook hits, swipe up to slash, hit tab if you want to hit your opponent in the face.

In a defensive state, you can hold two fingers on the screen to protect your opponent’s attacks.

When you are defeated and the referee is counting down, touch the screen repeatedly to return.

If you drop more than 10 seconds, you will lose.

Upgrade your Boxer

When playing this game, you might think that it is a game that highlights the player’s skill, dexterity and reflexes.

No ! Not really, after a few levels, We have several boxers with a lot of strength and high HP.

At that time, the difference in strength was obvious.

Even if you are a skilled player, your chances of winning will be very low.

This is the moment. We thought it was best to improve your stats.

Some of the stats you can increase for a boxer including attack, defense, speed, skill, HP, mana, and so on.

You can do this in the gym training room.

Zombie Mode

Besides there are 18 strong boxers available for you to beat, this Punch Hero game also brings hundreds of zombies to challenge your courage.

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Yup! This is a mode where you can relax with unlimited attacks.

How long can you stay in zombie mode ?


Well, overall, in our opinion Punch Hero is a simple fighting game that is fun and addicting with lots of challenges.

This game has a lot of interesting things for you to explore, however, playing against the AI sometimes causes players to get bored quickly.

We hope the developers Gamevil will update it soon so that it can go online.

That’s all of Us, Thank you.

4.1 48,539 total

To start downloading Punch Hero MOD APK: Versi Terbaru 1.3.8 Unlimited Money for Free, please press the button that we have provided, for those of you who are still confused about how to install it, please check our guide page or tutorial.

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