PUBG Mobile Lite APK: v0.20.0 Latest Version Low Spec Free for Android Download!

Gambar Cover PUBG Mobile Lite APK Versi Terbaru Low Spec Gratis Untuk Android
Gambar Cover PUBG Mobile Lite APK Versi Terbaru Low Spec Gratis Untuk Android

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Download PUBG Mobile Lite APK Latest Version Low Spec Free for Android.

What? Right! Since its release, PUBG Mobile has quickly become one of the popular battle royale genre games.

However, the drawback is that many mid-range phones cannot meet the high graphic requirements of the game and make it less attractive than competitors such as Rules of Survival (RoS).

In August 2019 they released a lite version to address this, which is targeted at gamers who love this genre but their device does not have sufficient configuration requirements.

Are you playing PUBG Mobile when your device doesn’t meet system configuration due to low specs?

Even at the lowest setting, the state of lag while moving or rotating still occurs, when firing a bullet in one direction, but the result is that the bullet moves in another direction.

With a stressful game that requires a lot of concentration and precision, you are sure to die a lot when you are not processed in a timely manner in front of other players.

Immediately, let’s review this game first before you download our newest PUBG Mobile Lite version game at the end of the post below!

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PUBG Mobile Lite Latest Version Low Spec Free for Android Download

Gambar Gameplay PUBG Mobile Lite APK Versi Terbaru Low Spec Gratis Untuk Android
Gambar Gameplay PUBG Mobile Lite APK Versi Terbaru Low Spec Gratis Untuk Android

Familiar Gameplay

Like the lite version of Facebook Lite or Messenger Lite, PUBG Mobile Lite is also just a “miniature” version of the original game.

That’s right, these all remove some of the details and reduce the requirements of the hardware, without sacrificing basic features or gameplay.

The context of the game is still the intense battle that takes place on an island, where all players start by parachuting from the plane.

There is no turning back, in order to survive you must beat everyone else on the island to be the last.

Yup! If you run into any player, quickly take him down with a headshot or explode with a grenade.

During your landing, you’ll have to look for weapons, armor, and helmets that are randomly scattered throughout the buildings.

Over time, the Safe zone will gradually narrow down your space, so you’ll have to move inside if you don’t want to die of blood loss.

Want to move faster? Use vehicles near you.

The difference between PUBG Mobile Lite and the original version?

The following are some of the main differences between PUBG Mobile Lite and the original version.

1. Size

Their first difference is in the size of the game which you will easily recognize.

The size of this latest PUBG Mobile Lite game is just over 200M.

Yup, while the original PUBG Mobile version is 1.64G, a significant difference isn’t it?

Apart from that, the game also has a lot of details and features that allow it to run more smoothly, it is easier to adapt to multiple devices, and is optimized for devices with less RAM.

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2. Map

Next comes a smaller map size and fewer players.

Instead of playing with the map 8 km x 8 km as the original version.

PUBG Mobile Lite only has half the map of the original version, which is only 4 km x 4 km.

In addition, the number of players is also reduced to a maximum of 40 players in a match.

That’s right, this means that players often face each other and indirectly make the match faster and more dramatic than that.

3. Same Weapon System

Similar to the original version, PUBG Mobile Lite still has a large arsenal, from compact pistols to rifles, AK, AWM, K98, M4A1, and many others.

We personally, usually use K98 a lot, hide on the bridge and then give fire when they cross the bridge.

This strategy is indeed very fun, and the most fun is when you play squad mode.

Regardless, it is good news for you that, pot of legends has officially appeared in PUBG!

Optimized Graphics

The biggest change in the lite version of the game is, of course, in terms of graphics.

Through the image in the above, you can recognize the images in your environment such as trees, grass, which are designed quite roughly, but not too detailed.

Even though it uses Unreal Engine 4 technology, the in-game weather effects are still not very clear.

Also, houses and trees are sparse compared to the traditional version.

However, the sound quality of the game is very good, you can easily hear the direction of the bullets or contact your team without much trouble.

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Download Details of PUBG Mobile Lite APK Latest Version Low Spec Free for Android

NamePUBG Mobile Lite
Genre3D, Online, Shooter, Survival
Latest Version0.20.0 Newest
FeaturesLow Spec
PlatformsAndroid 4.0.3

Download PUBG Mobile Lite APK Latest Version Low Spec Free for Android



Well, playing the official game, lighter, with the same experience is the lite version of PUBG’s slogan.

Overall, the game PUBG Mobile Lite is a great choice for low spec phones.

However, we personally encourage you to try the original version of PUBG Mobile if you like games with the battle royale genre and your phone meets the configuration requirements.

Now, you can download the game by using the download button that we have provided above.

That’s all of Us, Thank you.

/ 5.